BearArms Profile

Jan weilding the Bear Arms

The Bear Arms are two custom handguns used by Jan as her weapons of choice. The pair consists of "Black Bear" and "Brown Bear," which are identical save that they are mirror copies of one another. The pair was designed and made by Brute.


The Bear Arms are of a unique, custom design, though they seem to feature cosmetic similarities to sporting Sig handguns, the USP 45, and the S&W 4506. They are automatic handguns chambered for the .357 magnum round. As they were made by Brute, they have no serial number to track them and also feature double-stacked, 12 round magazines. They both sport 6 inch barrels and 1911-style competition triggers, which along with the respective slide and pistol grip, are colored a solid camouflage green. As they were intended to be used simultaneously, the Brown Bear is identical to the Black Bear, except that it's magazine release, shell ejection, etc. are switched for ease of use with one's left hand.


  • The names of the guns are a pun on the Second Amendment clause, the "right to bear arms"
  • They breach numerous firearm regulations in the state of California, such as having no serial number, and exceeding the 10-round magazine limit