Marcus Vent, better known as Primer, is a rather mysterious bounty hunter and skiptrace working in southern California. He is one of the primary antagonists of The Gun Nuts.

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Primer's Current Appearance


Marcus Vent


25, Apr. 9








172 lbs






Bounty Hunter, Skiptrace

First Appearance

Gun Nuts Web Comic Issue #03


Not much is known about him thus far. Marcus was born minutes after his twin sister, Alex Vent, in Canada. His family moved to the United States during his childhood, where he has apparently remained. He works, loosely, in concordance with the law. He has an exemplary record of success in capturing his targets, and is known for his high level of intelligence.

Web ComicEdit

In the web comic, Primer tries to collect the bounty on Jan's head, which leads him to more trouble than expected due to her partner, Brute. Though initially consistently failing to capture her, he successfully handcuffed her, hit her with a car, and managed to lure the Gun Nuts into a trap with a local gang, Las Perras Nacho. His eventual success, however, was short-lived with Jan's hasty escape from prison. He's been seen on occasion to work with Vic.


Primer is very introverted, and keeps to himself. His personality is shown as being very dry and with a "matter-of-fact" attitude. He is depicted as quite cynical, with a sarcastic tone that may pass for his sense of humor. It is also notable that he generally keeps a collected demeanor, without bursting into fits of rage or juvenile behavior easily. As a child, he appeared much more outgoing, spontaneous and lighthearted.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Primer is well revered as both a bounty hunter and skiptrace, with an almost perfect success rate. This could be attributed to his IQ, which is scored at 154. He posses a high level of cunning and intuition, which he often utilizes to out-wit his adversaries. Primer also appears to have a level of understanding with his surroundings, including city politics, gossip, and rumors; all of which compliment his line of work. He recovered and got back to work quite quickly after having his thumb broken. He is also an accomplished martial artist, stating to have practiced both Shotokan Karate and Krav Maga.



Primer's original outfit

  • His outfit changes from a brown vest and green pants to a black leather jacket and black jeans in Issue #05. This was perhaps done to contrast the Gun Nuts' color scheme.
  • His nickname is a reference to the primer on a bullet, which sets off the propellant, pushing out the projectile. Similarly, Primer ignites situations with the Gun Nuts.
  • He is one-eighth Japanese
  • Original concept art features him with his current black outfit except with rectangular glasses and a fedora.