The Gun Nuts' Warehouse

The Gun Nuts is an organization residing out of southern California, and is the focus the Gun Nuts series. They are a freelance organization that accept jobs from a wide variety of employers who need problems resolved, typically in a violent manner. The nature of their work involves kidknapping, assassination, espionage, and mecenary-like endeavors. Their heaquarters is an abandoned residential complex in the Los Angeles county.


The group currently consists of it's two founders: Brutus "Brute" Rhodes, Jan, and later Rubix. Brute serves as the group's leader and coordinator. Jan is the designated enforcer, specializing in abnormally dangerous and violent situations. Rubix is the team's informant and reconnaissance expert, utilizing her contacts and knowledge of the city to give the Gun Nuts the upper hand in their work.



The current members of the Gun Nuts (left to right), Brute, Rubix, and Jan

The Gun Nuts have made themselves several allies and enemies through the course of their work, as well as lingering relationships from the individual group members' pasts. As a fugitive, Jan experiences frequent problems with the law, as well as from bounty hunters. Primer in particular carries a strong resentment for the group; particularily Jan, from whom he wishes to collect a bounty. The two are archenemies. The Gun Nuts were decieved into intruding upon a Las Perras Nacho safehouse and shooting them all to death. Afterwords, they bartered with a hobo informant, Rubix, to get Primer's location. He eventually succeeded in capturing Jan, but she quickly escaped with the help of Brute and Rubix, who was later accepted as the third official member of the Gun Nuts.